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The brothers have always gotten along. Their business relationship just fell into a natural pattern derived from each of their strengths. "We don't call ourselves vice president and president. We prefer co-owners", John says. When the two joined forces in 1972 and had to pick titles for the legal papers, John says the choice came down to simple math. "I said, Joe, you're the oldest. You get to be the president".

According to elder brother Joe, "John is adept at gold plating and excels at window tinting. Because he has the patience to do it" However, his real strength is in selling. He's very, very good at what he does and keeps me very busy".

The admiration works both ways. John uprooted his family and moved to Fort Wayne. He didn't hesitate about going into business with his brother. "It never even entered my mind that partnering with Joe might be a bad thing. To me, Joe is just amazing. He loves being in the shop and he does a fantastic job". We get along well and the system works for us".

Our hands-on approach has kept Fabini's Auto Trim Co., a true family business.
"We handle everything here because it means we always know what is going on with the business on a day-to-day basis".

The 'Boys' Toy's

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