Leather seats are the latest evolution in automotive industries all over the world because of leather’s great strength, pleasant feel and very luxurious and elegant look. Those who truly understand leather prefer it over any other upholstery material simply because it is the most comfortable.
We specialize in converting your ordinary upholstery to genuine leather. We also do the other interior details like steering wheels, shift knobs, door sidings and other special requests that clients may have. Interior restorations are dealt with on a case-to-case basis.


Contrary to popular belief, genuine leather seats are very comfortable. The belief that leather seats are hot in the summer stems from the experience of most people with synthetic leather seat covers. Synthetic leather is made of the same materials used to make plastic. Like plastic, when you sit on it, you immediately start feeling sweaty.

Leather, on the other hand, is natural. It is just like our skin that has pores therefore it always breathes naturally. It is the only material that has the unique ability to adjust to every body temperature individually. All these combined will provide you exquisite driving comfort that no other upholstery material can give.

Unknown to many, leather seats are also particularly hygienic. Unlike fabric upholstery, dust, dirt and liquids will not penetrate leather. Try slapping your fabric upholstery and you will see the hidden dust particles from inside the seat fly all over the car. This can be harmful to the health of the passengers especially those who have asthma or allergies.

Leather seats can be considered a good investment because it upgrades the value of a car. Leather also improves with time and use. The longer you use your leather seats the better it looks because the combination of heat and cold and the weight of its passengers continuously shape the leather onto the seats. Also, leather can virtually last forever.

Notice that most luxury cars have leather interiors. Leather gives a subtle touch of luxury and elegance to a car. Choosing leather is proof of good taste and of having an excellent feel for the finer things in life.